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The Unbearable Lightness of Pippo

Pippo (which is the Italian name of a character by Walt Disney, commonly known as Goofy) is any software developer’s best friend.

He could be anything you might need.
Do you need a float variable to store a temperature value? Et voilà pippo.
Do you need a super secret backdoor password to your db, with absolute powers granted? pippo will be that unexpected password, and he’ll protect your db from external malicious access.
Do you need a “temporary” method for your “temporary” variable pippo? pippoFaPippa() is THE method, and you won’t use anything else but that (ok, pippoFaPippa() isn’t really an english self explaining term, but I can ensure it definitely is self explaining in italian).

Sometimes, I must confess, I use pippo too frequently within my code, and my workmate (Stefano, a very bad boy) does complain whenever he finds pippos around.
Anyway, pippos will only survive for a very short time; sooner or later pippo will be replaced by a more exhaustive and self-explanatory name. Promised… maybe 😛

So, please, do not kill pippo.
Starting from your code, help us preserve him from malicious coders like Stefano. One day, you’ll proudly say “I helped saving pippo from oblivion. My life was useful, in the end. I had a reason to live it”.

Ok, you got the joke. I promise I won’t use too many pippos in my code.
And I’ll write this sentence on the blackboard 100 times. I guess I’ll learn something at last.