Maya Cache DLL Project

Maya Cache DLL Project is an open source C library aimed to write Maya nCache for nParticles (check out the GITHUB Project Page, too).

The library allows the user to write nParticles’ main attributes to single-file or┬ámulti-file .mc caches.
It’s important to state that, presently, the library’s features are quite limited, since it was conceived for a very specific use (see Bad Boids).


Being pretty basic, the library is very easy to use.
Nonetheless, we thought it’d be useful to explain it with some code and example; so we chose not to mess up this page, and collect all technical notes in a separate page.
Also, we were suggested to prepare a document describing the bit stream we observed in .mc files. You can find it in the Download section, right below.


Here you have the DLLs:

… and here you are the bit stream documentation:

Maya Cache Bit Stream Documentation

Future Implementations

We have in mind a variety of further functionalities, which might be implemented in the next future, such as:

  • custom attributes caching
  • custom frame increment
  • single-file/multi-file conversion
  • Maya Cache/Alembic conversion
  • fluid, nCloth, geometry caching

More contents will be added soon.

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